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Post by Kuerbistee on Thu Jul 02, 2015 5:45 pm

Alright, here's the story:
There's a village (we still need a name and a background story for that). Uhm. And it's quite small and there's a harbour, a forest and ruins around it/in it/whatever.
Well, uh. There are three different portals in that village, appearing and vanishing randomly. Those portals are portals to other dimensions and sometimes they even work for time travelling.
(Though I think we decided that you need special spells and stuff to make them time traveller portals.)
As I've said, there are three of them and they all have a set of places where they appear and disappear, always appearing in the next place "on their route" after they disappeared from one.
I think we haven't set the places yet, but we suggested putting them somewhere in the forest or near the ruins and stuff (so that's yet another thing we still have to decide).
The dimensions the portals lead to are dimensions of supernatural and magical beings.
The villagers are used to some weird things that happen from time to time but they don't know everything and they probably don't want to because they can sense that this sorta stuff is a little dangerous.
Yeah, so our characters are supernatural beings as well. Where they come from and what their powers are etc is for each one of us to decide.
So, the backstories of our own characters are individually created - just don't get them powers that might overpower them and stuff.

Oh hell, I'm fricking bad at explaining. But I guess, that's it. Please correct me..?

Even though many people enter the world of dreams every night, only few are aware of the different realms and dimensions they are actually able to view for short amounts of time. Maybe that's the reason people tend to forget what they dreamt about?
However, there are gaps connecting our world to the unknown universes.

Because of mysterious events occuring underneath the little town *(name)* a gap, already existent, expanded to an even wider gap. Thus, smaller doors, connecting our world to others, were created in this very town, right on the surface. Those portals are highly unstable, leading to them changing their locations randomly. And even though they don't have a proper schedule, they will always dis- and reappear in the same places over and over again.


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