Indirect character controlling

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Indirect character controlling

Post by Vethale on Sun Jul 05, 2015 8:10 pm

So, this is a very important issue for the roleplay: indirect controlling of characters that don't belong to you.
Character 1 hits Chara 2 and shoves him into the ground.
-> You are indirectly controlling chara 2, because you are not giving him the chance to avoid the situation. In this case, character 1 takes away the chance from chara 2 to fight back.
Some people are okay with this, others aren't. Please note in your character profile wether it`s okay to allow other people to indirectly controll your character (but not main actions!!!)
This makes the roleplay more realistic, since in real life you don`t always have the time to react to those things. Still, this is your decision.

Please also note, if it's okay/not okay if other characters hurt yours and how bad the injury can be. (example: you can hurt my character, but don't knock them out or kill them/ give them major injuries (like cutting off a leg).


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